Healthy Mexican Style Taco Dinner

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What You Will Need: 

Oh this is my jam! 

 I am a volume eater so I eat high volume, low calorie meals. 

 This is less than 400 calories. 

 For tacos: 

 4 oz 96/4 lean ground beef (140 calories) 
2 Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat Fajitas (90 calories: 45 calories each) 
 1 tbsp of Great Value Salsa (5 calories) 
1 tbsp light sour cream (18 calories) 
23g of fat-free shredded cheddar cheese (37 calories) 

Riced cauliflower = 25 calories (85g=20 calories) plus 16g Hunt’s Tomato Sauce (5 calories)

 I also used Old El Paso Traditional Refriend Beans (70 calories per serving). 

 Then of course, you can season however you like but I stay away from adding a bunch of sodium and salt. Meaning seasonings are 0 calories. 

 If you want to reduce calories even more, you can grab some Egg Life wraps. They’re only 25 calories each but honestly, they’re a bit bland and I just prefer the Mission tortillas for a more “taco” feel.
  • Fat-free sour cream
  • Salsa
  • Low-fat shredded cheese


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